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Symbolic Systems adjuvant: “Wittgenstein’s forgotten lesson” from Prospect

“Scientism takes many forms. In the humanities, it takes the form of pretending that philosophy, literature, history, music and art can be studied as if they were sciences, with ‘researchers’ compelled to spell out their ‘methodologies’—a pretence which has led to huge quantities of bad academic writing, characterised by bogus theorising, spurious specialisation and the development of pseudo-technical vocabularies. Wittgenstein would have looked upon these developments and wept.”

[ Full article in Prospect ]

“How to learn a new language: 7 secrets from TED Translators” (2014)

Invaluable pointers from Krystian Aparta on the TEDblog (2014) on learning a new language:


Personal reflection: #3 works well for Chemistry too!

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