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Intro to Cultural Studies: Contemporary Colonialism?

Noted for the use of the signifier “colony” in connection to European financial powers: “Austerity means that people is expulsed of their homes. Austerity means that the social services don’t work anymore. Austerity means that public schools have not the elements, the means to develop their activity. Austerity means that the countries have not sovereignty anymore, and we became a colony of the financial powers and a colony of Germany. Austerity probably means the end of democracy. I think if we don’t have democratic control of economy, we don’t have democracy.” (Pablo Iglesias, secretary general of Podemos, interview [43:11] with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! Feb. 17, 2015. Emphasis mine.)

Also noted in regards to leverage gained by financial powers in framing political opposition: “…I think that this game that separate the political field, between center-left and center-right, sometimes is something very useful to make the banks win.” (ibid.,[46:31])

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