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Footprints of inquiry

The Great Experiment (Video) & observation notes

Prof. Michael Hunter speaks on the formation of the Royal Society. Video from RS Youtube channel. Useful for current Bacon research


06:56, Motto (declined) from Instauratio magna frontispiece.

12:20, frontispiece of Sprat’s history.

~13:50, echoing Bacon’s imperatives on mech arts & records of experiments.

16:23–16:56, 16:57–17:12, JACKPOT: temporal extensions insinuating that Bacon’s petition is realized, after a fashion; direct support feed into thesis statement.

17:12, last point extended to other august bodies; direct induction vs deduction reference along with rib at Cartesians’ armchair tendencies.

18:34, RS abandons overly ambitious, initial dabbling in proto systems science (or at least the GUT) and forms 8 committees for spec., yet this too gives way. All fascinating and applicable at a 2nd tier but not for paper (?) unless in paper conclusion this is addressed, espec. the cleaving unto the exotic in lieu of comprehensiveness [~19:00]

~23:00, adaptive functions begin to define value of appropriate corporate structure, “assess and adjudicate”

~25:35, solidifying role in “accreditation and demarcation,” example of German savant Eckard Lieichner (?) : link to Bac. sep. of Relig. & Sci, cf. Rossi chapt. Sci, Mag. & Mecharts

~27:00 back to solidif. of arenas of domain; central importance of conventional def. of science arising therefrom.

27:15 thus excluding magic; div. in mem. interests.; further points of interest.