A Social Justice Project: The Reclamation of the Yogini

An important piece for the deconstruction of misappropriation and how to transform it into appropriate adaption.

body divine yoga

tamil-nadu-yoginijpg-b83d48c0680e882d Tamil-Nadu Yogini

The identification of the human woman with the Universal Goddess is most explicit in tantric theology- yet the very existence of female masters, lineage holders and tantric adepts, although referred to repeatedly by tantric texts, is still doubted by some…Here there is no quarter given to feminist spiritual yearnings, or for women mystics to seek to follow the liberating footsteps of the ancient yogini who dared to think themselves divine.”  Rita DasGupta Sherma

Women’s history month is here so it’s a good time to remember the spiritual foremothers of yoga – the Tantric yoginis.  After all we rarely give them much thought. Their erasure from history is an injustice that lies silent at the very heart of contemporary yoga – and one with far reaching implications today. Because without questioning a history of yoga written by men, solely for men, can yoga ever be an…

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