The Seventeenth Century: Francis Bacon resources (Strikethru=Obtained)

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10 thoughts on “The Seventeenth Century: Francis Bacon resources (Strikethru=Obtained)”

  1. “Paolo Rossi’s groundbreaking book Francis Bacon: From Magic to Science (1968) finally enabled the academic world to grasp what had been known and studied in the circles of the Francis Bacon Society for almost a century – that Bacon’s formulation of scientific method must be set in the context of the magical tradition.

    The various ways in which renaissance magical or hermetic philosophies contributed to the emergence of modern thought out of the previous European Catholic consensus may be studied in the works of the great scholars of the Warburg Institute: Frances Yates and D.P.Walker. These works gave a scholarly treatment to much of what had already been studied in a pionnering but, inevitably, limited way by the Francis Bacon Society.

    The methodologies adequate to this field only developed in the late 20th century, but there is still an abundance of material and insight already developed by the Society, which the academic world has yet to appreciate. The rise of interdisciplinary studies will surely place the work of the Society where it belongs, as a pioneering attempt to compensate for a traditional lack of professional attention given to the relationship between science, art and the hermetic or rosicrucian philosophies involved in their reconfiguration. To understand their roles in 17th century England, the approach to Bacon, Shakespeare taken by the Society needs to be embraced and refined by the academic world at large.”

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